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I can’t believe it. I have finished the classroom portion of my Kingswood career and am heading out on internship. Where has the time gone?

As I reflect on my three years at Kingswood, several things become evident. Though I have gained a lot of head knowledge during my years at Kingswood, this time was formative for much more.

I came into Kingswood emotionally and spiritually unhealthy, but God has been working on me. I’ve been challenged in ways that I didn’t know were possible. I’ve matured in various aspects of my life, I’ve dealt with a lot of “stuff” over my time at KU. God has been preparing me for my next life steps. I am coming out of Kingswood more mature and healthier in all aspects of my life (except maybe physically, I love Taco Bell and McDonald’s a little too much).

God has been incredibly faithful to me over my time at Kingswood, and I know he will continue to be as I head out into what he has in store for me next!

Carols at Kingswood

December was a month full of “lasts”, and one of those was Carols at Kingswood.I had always wanted to play the bass for the community carol service held at Kingswood, and I was chosen to this year! The final song we lead the community in was “You Hold It All”, and I broke down on stage as I was reminded of how God had been in control and working throughout during my time at Kingswood. It was a great reminder of how God truly holds it all. You can listen to the song here by the original artist, Travis Ryan.

Christmas Banquet

Another “last” was my final Christmas banquet. This event has always been one of my favourites – even in freshman year. It was a great evening with great food and great friends. The program that followed was also hilarious; including a Christmas Mad-Lib done by Jr and I and the typical antics that come with a variety show. The evening concluded with a beautiful time of carols by candlelight. I was asked to shoot photos of the event, and I was grateful to be able to use my gifts for Kingswood one final time.

Back to Toronto

The journey back to Ontario is probably the worst drive you can do – it is so long and incredibly boring! Unfortunately most of the drive is through Quebec, which comes with its challenges, like trying to order food in a different language! This time was better than most as we had good weather and the conversation in the car was good. We stopped at my friend Adam’s house to spend the night. It was so good to connect with his parents who were influential early in my faith at Roblin Wesleyan Church.

Meeting with Gwennie

My pastor in Toronto and his family have become like family to me over the years, and I have ‘adopted’ his daughter Gwen as my own little sister. She asked to meet up at Taco Bell during Christmas break and had a whole list of things to talk about that happened over the semester. I am thankful for the opportunity to invest in Gwen and be invested in by her parents. It’s always good to come home and visit the Pryors!

Answered Prayers

Christmas Break- It has been really good to connect with my key people in Toronto, including my pastor and his family. I have been a little restless, but the break has been a good time to rest, which is more important. I’ve also really enjoyed the time with my family, it is always good to get home and see them!

Prayer Points

Internship! – I am very excited to go on internship, but being in a new context can be an adjustment.