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I have been serving at Centennial Road Church in Brockville, Ontario for a month now and it has been an amazing experience. I have been learning so much from observing the staff and am growing in my relationship with God.

I had the ability to take a NexLeader coaching session and doing the assessments and a 75-minute coaching call really unlocked some interesting things. The most interesting of these was the fact that what I thought were my passions are really just the means to accomplish my passions. Design is not my passion, but I use design to bring people from outside the church into a relationship with God. This was a really groundbreaking realization, and I am excited to continue processing it.

Time in Toronto

When I am back in Toronto, there are certain people I need to see, and Don and Hazel are definitely one of those people. Don is a deep-rooted Wesleyan who has an almost photographic memory of Wesleyan Life magazine and Wesleyan history. His wife Hazel is one of the most caring and hospitable people I know. I got to visit them for an afternoon it was a great time of food, fellowship, and learning!


Internship has begun and it has been an amazing experience so far. During my time at Centennial Road Church, I will be shadowing each member of the staff here – from the senior pastor to the facilities manager. So far I’ve been with the Senior Pastor, Eric Hallet, the worship arts pastor, Roger Keyzers, and the youth pastor, Tim Conrad. Each of these experiences have been beneficial and informative!

Due to border complications, McCaila was unable to do her original supervised ministry experience in Indiana, serving at Wesleyan headquarters. She is now serving at Centennial Road, doing high-level administration, and it is great to have one of my best friends working along side me.

District Ministerial

One of the fun things that I got to do on internship was to go to the Central Canada Wesleyan Pastor and Spouse retreat in Kingston, Ontario. It was really great to reconnect with people who have had a lasting impact on my faith walk, as well as meet pastors from all over the district and hear their stories. I was deeply encouraged by the keynote speaker, our General Superintendant, Wayne Schmidt.

It was a very surreal moment for me. I was standing washing my hands and I looked up to the mirror wearing my name badge, and for the first time, it hit me that I was going to be a pastor soon. During the afternoon free time, I got to spend time with my youth pastor and he shared about some next steps God is calling him to, and I got to share what God was calling me to. It was deeply meaningful to share this time with the pastor who was there the night I got saved and who invested in me so heavily.

Back to the Bass-ics

That was a horrible pun, but I am using my talents at the place I serve. I was put on the worship team schedule and have gotten to fill in a few times for people who have gotten sick. Centennial Road uses worship practices as a small group, and it is always good to pray with the members of your team for their needs.  I have also picked up playing bass in the youth band, which gives another opportunity to invest in the next generation of Christian leaders.

Answered Prayers

  • Internship – Internship has been better than I could ever had expected and God has been showing me things about myself that are exciting. I am thankful for the strong staff that takes time to answer questions and lead me well.

Prayer Points

  • Appointment – Once I am finished my internship, I will be on the job market. If things continue as they are, I should get my district ministerial licence in June. I will be sending out my resume and contacting pastors in the coming months, so I am praying that God helps me find a church that I can be appointed at to begin my two years of service for ordination