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November 2016 Update

It’s weird writing a November update halfway through December but as the semester progresses, time seems to pass more quickly!

November has been a busy month of school work and ministry outside of Kingswood. During one of our “Serve New Brunswick” days, we went to the Second Mile Food Bank in Moncton and they did things in a very different way.

They set their Food Bank up like a grocery store; they even had carts. Clients would come in and choose from bins of things neatly organized choosing what they wanted. It made it feel like it wasn’t a handout but restored dignity to the people who were using the service. Each person was ministered to by a volunteer.

This was a really interesting way to do fulfilling these tangible and felt needs. It removed the stigma of receiving these programs.

Another KU student was placed beside a volunteer who, through a conversation that day, and through conversations that they continued after we left, was brought to Christ. My view of the importance and benefit of service evangelism was confirmed at that Food Bank that day.


I have confirmed my internship! I will be serving next semester at Centennial Road in Brockville, Ontario. I am very excited to be serving under Rev. Dr Eric Hallett. I’ve run into many people whom I have told I would be serving under this pastor and I’ve only heard good things. I’m excited to learn from this congregation and their pastor!

South Shore Ministry

Kingswood has a large number of American students, so they give us the American Thanksgiving weekend off (which is awesome). During the break, McCaila, Laurel, Parker, and I went to the South Shore of Nova Scotia and served in various ways over the week. I had the privilege of preaching at the cafe and challenged the people in attendance to follow God’s call. The main question was who, what or where were they being disobedient to God in.

We were able to stay with our close friends, the Swim family, and it was great to relax and recharge with these Godly people.

Weekend in Boston

There was a Needtobreathe concert in Boston, Mass. and we were reunited with our good friend Mindy who is serving at a church in Hamburg, NY. We travel down with the Grants and it was an awesome weekend of good music as well as seeing some historical sights. I am thankful for these friends who distance has no effect on!

Dunamis Moncton

One of the ministry opportunities at Kingswood is being able to go on weekend youth rallies across the Maritimes. Dunamis is a unique rally because Friday night is a high-energy rally and Saturday the students are trained in different skills such as evangelism and drama and then they go out and use the skills they gained in service projects across the city. I love being a part of these training events for teens because it is so important that they equate serving people with serving Jesus!

Answered Prayers

South Shore Ministry – It went great and we built some good connections for Kingswood. It was also a great time of rest and being used by God!

School Work – God has been really speaking to me through my school work, especially in the area of personal holiness

Prayer Points

Christmas Break – After having such a busy schedule at Kingswood, I often get restless with this much needed, but slower pace

Internship! – I am very excited to go on internship but being a period of transition with a new church to get to know