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This summer, Matthew and I decided to read one book a month since “leaders are readers”. We each chose different books and my book for May was “The Hard Twenty Somethings” by Brent Dongell, one of my professors at Kingswood University.

The title describes the book well – being in your 20s in this period in history is a time full of confusion. Should I be married by now? Should I have a stable job? I’m finished with college, now what? This book was written by someone in the midst of this period in their life.

The book is authentic, sharing personal struggles and encouragement from Brent’s own life, and it was refreshing to read a book that isn’t so much self-help as much as self-understanding. Reading through this felt very much like a conversation with a close friend about life.

One interesting thing that I have never seen in a book before is a “choose your own adventure” style of reading. This option is available if you don’t enjoy reading and offers you select pages to read the book faster and glean the same information.

This book is a good read for anyone who feels they don’t have their life together in a traditional sense, and will help anyone in this stage of life in their age bracket.

You can pick this book up from Amazon (Canada & USA), or stop by Brent’s office at Kingswood University.


I underlined many quotes from the book but I sent it back to New Brunswick with the rest of my books because I had finished reading it. Once I am back to school I will update this post with several of my favourite parts.